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Living with unpredictability. It's complicated...

It is sometimes argued that the High North is a simple system, easier to understand than a species-rich rain forest ecosystem or a densely populated area perturbed by human activities. Research carried out at the Fram Centre shows that this is a misconception: high-latitude systems are not simple at all. Many of the articles in this issue of Fram Forum expose contradictions, uncertainties and difficulties that must be resolved along the way to knowledge.

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Calving of ice from the glacier front of Kronebreen in Kongsfjorden

Thunder rolls under the clear Arctic sky. Eagerly your eyes scan the face of the glacier. There! A chunk of blue ice the size of a railroad car tips with impossibly slow grandeur and plunges into the water. Waves churn towards you, threatening to swamp your boat. Watching a glacier calve is thrilling: beauty and peril combined.

Great value

Kaldfjord has great value for the inhabitants of Tromsø and the coastal community thanks to its proximity and the recreational opportunities it offers, but also for aquaculture, fishing and industrial activities. Many people are very interested in our research, curious to see how our work will contribute to solutions for more sustainable use of the fjord.

Confronting one of our greatest challenges – plastic waste in nature

The oceans are filling with plastic. The water in some great Asian rivers is no longer visible below the flowing mass of trash. Plastic waste is a formidable problem – with an unexpected possible solution.

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Fram Forum is published once a year by Framsenteret AS on behalf of FRAM – the High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment. Its aim is to inform all who are interested in topics related to climate, environment, and people in the High North.

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